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editing screenshots the [old] eversims way

Let me preface this by saying that I use Gimp, a free editing software, but I'm sure it would be extremely simple - and possible - to convert what I do in Photoshop. (edit: link to PS action at the bottom of the post, thanks to selenaq13) Also, the way I edit may not work on all screenshots, it really depends on how you like your images. What also makes for pretty images is a pretty graphics card; I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M.

  1. Resize. (I usually go for a 500-600px width)
  2. Duplicate the background layer
  3. Set to screen, 50% opacity.
  4. Add new layer (#1)
  5. Bucket fill layer #1 with #ffb369 (a light orange)
  6. Set layer #1 to soft light, opacity 20%
  7. Add a new layer (#2)
  8. Bucket fill layer #2 with #af9c9c (a beige)
  9. Set layer #2 to soft light, opacity 50%
  10. Flatten image
  11. Sharpen (Somewhere between 5 and 10)

Unedited (S2) // Unedited (S3)

OPTIONAL (Before flattening and sharpening; for a lighter image):
  • Add a new layer (#3)
  • Bucket fill LAYER #3 with # d1d1d1 (a light grey)
  • Set layer #3 to soft light, opacity 30%
  • Proceed with steps 10 and 11
  • Example
The wonderful Selena made a photoshop action out of my instructions! How awesome is that? You can download it here at her livejournal.

++ UPDATE : 
The new way I edit can be found here. :)
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